Special guest seminar

31/03/2016 - 12:00 - 13:00
Dr. Yigal Achmon
9th floor seminar room, Nanotechnology Center, Building 206
Food Science and Technology, UC Davis, USA

Title:  Closing the loop: Utilization of food processing organic waste for sustainable agriculture, pest management, and biogas production

Host: Dr. Gad Miller

, Yigal is currently a postdoc at Prof. Christopher Simmons lab 
Food Science and Technology, UC Davis

PhD students who consider doing a postdoc abroad are encouraged to attend; 

Yigal is also a regional director of ScienceAbroad (previously BioAbroad) and he would be happy to give additional 15-20 min talk  about the goals and the opportunities that ScienceAbroad has to offer to postdocs