Master's degree - Computational Biology


Students registering for Computational Biology must meet the following conditions: 

- Bachelor's degree in Computational Biology or completion of recognized supplementary courses that have been approved accordingly.

- Acceptance to an MSc research program must be approved by a researcher from the field of Computational Biology, who will supervise the study.

Researchers specializing in the field of Computational Biology:

Prof. Ron Unger

Prof. Ramit Mehr

Prof. Yanay Ofran

Prof. Sol Efroni

Prof.  Erez Levanon

Dr. Ofir Hakim

Dr. Amiyaal Ilany


Selection of this specialty will be made at the beginning of the MSc study, i.e., from the first year of MSc study.

Graduate students must complete 12 credits, including 1 credit for two mandatory seminars (0.5 point for each seminar).

Students can choose from a variety of elective courses for third year (BSc) and graduate study in accordance with their research and in coordination with their supervisors.


Each year, the students must re-register, to code 80-9000-01 for the departmental seminar (no credits).

In The second Year students must register, using code 80-762-01 for thesis grade.

MA students in the Computational Biology track must take the following courses:

  • At least two Computational Biology courses.
  • At least one Computational Biology seminar.


The remaining courses and seminars required for a Master's degree should be chosen from the following:

General elective courses -  in various fields related to Life Sciences

Elective seminars to complete the requirements for a Master’s degree


Direct MSc track in Computational Biology

Mandatory courses for an MSc degree in Computational Biology for students who do not have a BSc degree in Computational Biology