Undergraduate Study - General Information

The Faculty of Life Sciences offers study programs for a bachelor's degree in the Life Sciences (B.Sc.):

1. Expanded Life Sciences (72.5 yearly hours).
2. Two - program studies:
     a. Life Sciences major (55 yearly hours) + minor from any study program.
     b. Life Sciences minor (20 yearly hours) + major from any study program.
     - Timetable matching is required.
3. Biotechnology (72.5 yearly hours).
4. Computational Biology (Bioinformatics)(79 yearly hours) - in common with the Computer
    Science Department.
5. Biophysics.


To estimate your chances of acceptance, check out "Calculation of Chances of Acceptance" at Bar-Ilan website.


For registration instructions for the next school year, check out The faculty instructions for course registration (to see the built-in programs, click the link in the 1st and 2nd year instruction paragraph).


For detailed information regarding the Life Science study program, check out The Timetable Book - Introduction (scroll down to the Life Science programs).


For detailed information regarding the Faculty's courses, check out The Timetable Book - Courses.


For detailed information regarding a specific course, check out The Timetable Site - Course Search (by course number, by course name...)


For outstanding BSc students -  The "Psagot" program for outstanding students allows the participants to complete a bachelor's and master's degree within 4 years.