Prof. Erez Levanon

Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Building 206, Rooms 862 (office) and 870 (lab)


    The aim of my research is to develop the warranted technology and algorithms in order to delineate the full extent of RNA editing in human and animal models, determine the global editing levels in various physiological and pathological conditions, develop an affordable and accurate genomic wide screen and to understand their biological function, mainly in the nervous system and the role of editing in primate evolution.  


    Selected publications

    -- Paz-Yaacov N, Levanon E.Y., Nevo E, Kinar Y, Harmelin A, Jacob-Hirsch J, Amariglio N, Eisenberg, G. Rechavi. Adenosine-to-inosine RNA editing shapes transcriptome diversity in primates. PNAS. 2010

    -- Zaranek AW, Levanon E.Y.*, Zecharia T, Clegg T, Church GM. A survey of genomic traces reveals a common sequencing error, RNA editing, and DNA editing. PLoS Genetics. 2010
    *equal contribution with first author

    --  Li J.B., Levanon, E.Y.*, J.K. Yoon, J. Aach, B. Xie, E. LeProust, K. Zhang, Y. Gao and G.M. Church. Genome-wide identification of human RNA editing sites by parallel DNA capturing and sequencing. Science. 2009
    *equal contribution with first author

    -- Paz, N., Levanon, E.Y., N. Amariglio, AB. Heimberger, Z. Ram, S. Constantini, Z.S. Barbash, K. Adamsky, M. Safran, A. Hirschberg, M. Krupsky, I. Ben-Dov, S. Cazacu,T. Mikkelsen, C. Brodie, E. Eisenberg and G. Rechavi. Altered adenosine to inosine RNA editing in human cancer. Genome Research. 2007


    -- Levanon, E.Y., M. Hallegger, Y. Kinar, R. Shemesh, K. Djinovic-Carugo, G. Rechavi, M. F. Jantsch and E. Eisenberg. Evolutionarily conserved human targets of adenosine to inosine RNA editing. Nucleic Acids Research 2005


    -- Eisenberg, E., S. Nemzer, Y. Kinar, R. Sorek, G. Rechavi and Levanon, E.Y. Is abundant A-to-I RNA editing primate-specific? Trends in Genetics 2005.


    -- Levanon, E.Y., E. Eisenberg*, R. Yelin*, S. Nemzer*, M. Hallegger, R. Shemesh, Z.Y. Fligelman, A. Shoshan, S.R. Pollock, D. Sztybel, M. Olshansky, G. Rechavi, and M.F. Jantsch. Systematic identification of abundant A-to-I editing sites in the human transcriptome. Nature Biotechnology 2004
    *equal contribution with first author


    -- Eisenberg, E. and Levanon, E.Y. Preferential attachment in the protein network evolution. Physical Review Letters. 2003


    -- Eisenberg, E. and Levanon, E.Y. Human housekeeping genes are compact. Trends in Genetics. 2003


    -- Yelin, R., D. Dahary*, R. Sorek*, Levanon, E.Y*, O. Goldstein, A. Shoshan, A. Diber, S. Biton, Y. Tamir, R. Khosravi, S. Nemzer, E. Pinner, S. Walach, J. Bernstein, K. Savitsky, and G. Rotman. Widespread occurrence of antisense transcription in the human genome. Nature Biotechnology. 2003
    *equal contribution with first author

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