The Teaching Labs

Teaching labs manager: Dr. Hila Elifantz

Tel. 03-5317520

Location: 212 building 2nd floor room 215

Teaching labs location: 

Building 212, ground level ,room 001- students capacity- 36 

Building 212, ground level ,room 002- students capacity- 24

Building 212, 3rd level ,room 310- students capacity- 54


At the teaching labs over 15 different teaching labs are being held, both for undergraduate and graduate students. 

Among the labs being conducted: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Plants biology, Zoology, Ecology and more. 

The teaching labs supports the student education and gives practical experience that completes the student's education.

Teaching lab's Team 

Dror Gottlieb- Ground floor teaching labs supervisor 

Dr. Sarit Lampert Karako- 3rd floor teaching labs supervisor 

Dr. Leah Ever Levin- 3rd floor teaching labs supervisor