Life Sciences

Head of Department: Prof. Cyril Cohen

Academic consultants: Dr. Gitit Hershkovits, Yaniv Shmuel

Contact information: 03-5317019,  

The goals of the Life Science study program 

The Life Science study program is directed towards training the students at three levels:

First level: Broad scientific basis in the natural sciences: chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, as well as general biology.

Second level: Courses intended to construct a broad infrastructure of biological knowledge, which includes: biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, microbiology, genetics, virology, immunology, hematology, molecular biology and ecology.

Third level: In-depth studies in modern programs and fields of molecular and medical biology, developmental biology and animal physiology, as well as in the environmental and plant sciences. 

The Life Sciences study program 

The study program for first and second year is given as a structured program for all students who are studying Life Sciences and all are compulsory courses. In the third year, studies are according to the student's choice in the following programs:

Molecular, cellular and medical biology study program

Developmental biology and animal physiology study program (will be canceled from the next year). 

Environmental and plant sciences study program

In every third year program there is a cluster of compulsory courses, which is specific for the program, and the remaining courses are elective.

Conditions of acceptance

Acceptance is dependent on the following conditions:

     A. Matriculation certificate grade average (40%)
     B. Psychometric grade (40%)
     C. Quantitative psychometric exam grade (10%)
     D. Mathematics grade in matriculation certificate

For the Life Science program - priority will be given to those with a psychometric grade of 600 and above.

To estimate your chances of acceptance, check out "Calculation of Chances of Acceptance" at Bar-Ilan website.


For detailed information regarding registration instructions for the next school year, the Life Science study program, the Faculty's courses, specific course and "Psagot" program check out the general information  for undergraduate study.