Head of Department: Prof. Uri Nir

Academic consultants: Dr. Gitit HershkovitsYaniv Shmuel

Coordinator: Dr. Sally Shpungin

Secretary: Ms. Rina Gian

Contact information: 03-5317250, 

The goals of the Biotechnology study program 

The field of Biotechnology deals in the utilization of biological systems, at the level of the intact organism or parts of the organism, for new developments in the fields of industry, medicine, agriculture, etc. This is a field with an immense economic potential, and it is growingdaily. This field is special in that it bundles together the diverse fields of the Life Sciences as well as issues from the fields of technology, law, economics, marketing and management. 

The undergraduate Biotechnology study program affords the students knowledge and a broad perspective on a leading field in the Life Sciences today, and tools that enable them to continue to a Master's degree in Biotechnology or in any other graduate study program, without diminishing the basic and updated knowledge required of a Bachelor's degree graduate in the Life sSiences. Graduates of the Biotechnology sciences are employed in a large diversity of work places, and can produce and even develop products by using the most innovative technologies. 

The Biotechnology study program 

The undergraduate Biotechnology study program includes 72.5 yearly hours over three years of studies. During the first and second year most of the courses are basic courses, which are common to the expanded Life Sciences study program, with the addition of several courses that are unique to this program. In their second year, the students are exposed to several designated courses for Biotechnology students, such as "Programming for Biotechnologists" or "Biotechnology in Plants". In their third year, the specialization in the field of Biotechnology is deepened and expanded. The program in its entirety affords the graduates tools for a broad perspective of the field of modern biology and enables them to make an educated decision regarding their future.

Conditions of Acceptance

Acceptance is dependent on the following conditions:

     A. Matriculation certificate grade average (40%)
     B. Psychometric grade (40%)
     C. Quantitative psychometric exam grade (10%)
     D. Mathematics grade in matriculation certificate

For the Biotechnology program - priority will be given to those with a psychometric grade of 650 and above.

To estimate your chances of acceptance, check out "Calculation of Chances of Acceptance" at Bar-Ilan website.


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