Computational Biology

Head of the study program: Prof. Ron Unger

Study program coordinator: Dr. Loinger Ilana

Contact: 03-5317970,


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What is computational biology?

Computational biology (Bioinformatics) deals in the connection between biology and computer sciences. In this unique study program the student will acquire a broad education in the field of biology as well as in the field of computers, and in particular in the fields that interface between the two: bioinformatics and biomathematics.

Recognition of the importance of the subject of computational biology is on the rise in recent years In Israel and around the world, mainly as a result of the human genome project and the computational challenges it poses. The field of bioinformatics comprises the nucleus of many biotechnological companies and the demand for manpower in this field is thus on the rise.

The computational biology study program at Bar-Ilan University

Within the framework of the computational biology study program, the students study according to a program that combines the basic courses in the life sciences and the computer sciences, as well as designated courses in computational biology that were developed especially for this study program. The program in biology is broad and is parallel in scope to a major. The program in computer sciences focuses on the main courses of computer sciences and is parallel in scope to a minor in computer sciences.

The study program includes a comprehensive final project that reflects the entire knowledge accumulated by the students.

A limited number of outstanding students, with high acceptance data, will be admitted to this program.

The study program is challenging and demands independent and strenuous learning ability of the students. Nonetheless, the scope of hours in this program is only a few hours more than the number of hours required in a single-field program. A two-major degree in life sciences and computer sciences can be obtained upon the addition of a few more courses in computer sciences.

In practice, the program's graduates acquire extensive knowledge in both biology and computer sciences and thus increase their range of choices after graduating, both for advanced degrees in the fields of computational biology, biology or computer sciences, and when turning to the work market in the different areas of hi-tech.

The study program was approved by the Council for Higher Education in 2004.

Conditions of acceptance: Psychometric grade over 675 and 5 units of Mathematics with grade over 85 or 4  units of Mathematics with grade over 85.

To estimate your chances of acceptance, check out "Calculation of Chances of Acceptance" at Bar-Ilan website.

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