PhD instructions for Proposal and Dissertation submission

PhD General instruction- proposal and dissertation


At the end of the first year of the PhD program, the student is required to submit a proposal to the life sciences graduate students’ office, after which an assign advisory committee will be set.

The advisory committee will include the student’s PI and two other faculty members (one or more of them could be from another University).

The student will then present and defend his proposal to the advisory committee.

The Graduate students Dept.’s Dean will approve the advisory committee.

The committee may request improvement or changes in the proposal, and re- assignment might be due.

Once the student’s proposal is approved, (graduate student’s Department will send a letter of approval) the student needs to submit once a year a progress report to the committee.

Structure of the PhD proposal

The proposal should include a front page with the name of the proposal in Hebrew and English, table of contents, research aims, background, the importance of the proposed research, research methods, research program and detailed Bibliography.

The proposal excluding the front-page and the bibliography should not exceed 15 pages (with double line spacing).

The student will submit the proposal in three copies and include a CD copy as well. (Covid19- submit by e-mail to the faculty secretary)

To each copy, please add the form (sign by the student and his PI) “proposal for the PhD program” from this link:

Submitting Form for Doctoral Proposal (Department)

Any change in the research program requires the approval of the graduate student’s school dept.

Proposal for “collection of articles” format

Students who plan to submit an Hybrid Dissertation Format PhD will mention it in their proposal, if possible.

The proposal will then include the articles planed as well as the described dissertation proposal.

It is possible to, eventually, submit dissertation instead of collections of articles even if the proposal was for collection of articles and vice versa


Example for opening page of the PhD proposal:


Bar Ilan University

Lifesciences department

PhD proposal



Principal investigator:___________________

Additional investigator (if needed):__________________


Student’s name:____________________   ID/Passport no.:__________________


Progress report

Every year, since the approval of the proposal, progress report should be submitted to the assigned committee.  

The report will include the name of the student, the title of the work, the year of study and the PI’s name.

A brief introduction will open the report, followed by a summary of results since the last report (tables, graphs and figures); the last section will be the proposed next steps of the research. 

As part of the report, the student will add any published work achieved (articles, conventions).

The aim of the report is to allow the assigned committee to assess the progress of the students.


The progress report should be submitted to the Faculty of life sciences’ office; the report will be added to the student’s digital file. A report that was not uploaded to the digital file of the students will not be approved.  

All the members of the advisory committee must sign the first page of the report.


Dissertation submission

See this link: