Microbiology and Virology

  1.  Identification and characterization of the signals and process that govern bacterial biofilm formation
  2.  Development of novel antimicrobial and antibiofilm agents
  3.  Identification and characterization of novel virulence factors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  4. Metabolic engineering of bacteria for production of biofuels from algae

Prof. Banin Ehud

  1.  Developing microfluidic Platforms for Personalized Medicine
  2. Screening and identifying new protein -DNA interactions using a microfluidic platform.
  3. DNA editing using microfluidc platforms.
  4. Screening membrane proteins array for new protein-protein interactions.
  5. Integrated microfluidics for the discovery of new protein modification.

Prof. Gerber Doron

  1. Latency and reactivation of varicella zoster virus (chicken pox/shingles) in human neurons made from stem cells
  2. Non-coding RNAs in varicella zoster virus infection
  3. Axonal transport of human neurotropic viruses

Prof. Goldstein Ron

  1.  Control of gene expression by non-coding RNAs
  2.  Changes in chromatin structure during transcription and replication in yeast

Dr. Katcoff Don

  1. The role of non-coding RNA in regulating RNA processing
  2. The role of RNA modification in controlling ribosome function
  3. How rRNA modification affects cancer
  4. The role of RNA modification in mRNA biogenesis
  5. The mechanism and machinery of trans-splicing
  6. Programmed cell death in trypanosomes
  7. Nano-drugs against Leishmania
  8. Nano-biology and cancer

Prof. Michaeli Shulamit

  1. Functional characterization of selected Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) gene products (e.g. vBcl-2)
  2. Tracking KSHV infection by using recombinant viruses that express fluorescent proteins
  3.  Nucleolar stress, nucleolar alterations and KSHV infection
  4. Production of KSHV virions which lack viral genome

Prof. Sarid Ronit

  1. Biofilms of cyanobacteria
  2. Regulated proteolysis of light pigment complexes
  3. Tailoring cyanobacteria for biofuel

Prof. Schwarz Rakefet

  1. Profile post-translational modifications in gut bacteria and study their effects on bacterial activity and host health.
  2. Study the proteome of gut bacteria in relation to dietary changes and diseases.
  3. Characterize the effects of bacteria on modulating host colon epithelial cells proteome. 
Dr. Lobel Lior