Prof. Chaya Brodie

Gonda Building 204, 2nd floor, Room 204
תחומי מחקר

    1.         Studying the role of protein kinase C in the regulation of cellular growth, differentiation and apoptosis.

    2.         Studying the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of brain tumors: Exploring signal transduction pathways involved in glial cell transformation and identification of novel proteins and genes expressed in brain tumors;  development of in vivo and in vitro models of brain tumors; development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for brain tumors; studying the role of stem cells in the development of brain tumors and their use as a vehicle in gene therapy.

    3.    The bi-directional interaction between the nervous and immune systems and the role of this interaction in the function of neuronal and glial cells during physiological and pathological conditions.

    Last Updated Date : 17/05/2022