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The staggering expansion of information in all fields of medicine and biology, and specifically the extensive scope of information accumulated by the human genome project, have challenged biological and medical researchers, and led them to develop novel computational-informatics research methods.


The emerging field of BioMedical Informatics focuses on the interface between biomedical disciplines and computational disciplines such as computer science and mathematics. BioMedical Informatics delves into all aspects of managing, analyzing and researching the information obtained from biomedical studies, aiming to translate the existing information into knowledge and understanding of the biological-medical systems, and eventually promoting the development of innovative clinical and research approaches and improvement of medical treatment.


The BioMedical Informatics discipline comprises of a number of scientific fields, the foremost of which are BioInformatics, Biostatistics, Clinically Applicable Biomathematical Models, Systems Biology, and Data Mining and Administration of Medical Information.


Recently, US President Barak Obama has noted advancements in the field of BioMedical Informatics as one of the major objectives of the American health reform.


This rapidly evolving scientific sphere creates new opportunities for changing and improving medical practices and for management of individual data in the context of clinical treatments.


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