Prof. Yair Achituv

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Professor Emeritus
Lauterman Building (109), Rooms 60 (office) and 59 (lab)
  • General biology of Cirripedia, reproduction, and morphology
  • Phylogeny and evolution of shore barnacles and coral-inhabiting barnacles
  • Symbiotic relationships in coral reefs - energy transfer between corals and their symbionts
  • Environmental physiology of intertidal invertebrates in tropical waters:  attention is given to environmental pressures due to exposure to air, i.e., desiccation, high temperature, high radiation, and lack of oxygen

List of publications related to SYNTHESYS application FR-TAF-4304

Simon-Blecher N, Huchon D, Achituv Y. 2007. Phylogeny of coral-inhabiting barnacles (Cirripedia; Thoracica; Pyrgomatidae) based on 12S, 16S and 18S rDNA analysis. Mol. Phylo. Evo. 44:1333–1341

Pérez-Losada M., Harp M.,. Høeg J. T., Achituv Y., Jones D., Watanabe H., Crandall K. A. 2008. The Tempo and Mode of Barnacle Evolution. Mol. Phylo. Evo. 46:328-346

Wares J. P., Pankey M. S., Pitombo F. Gómez-Daglio L. Y. Achituv. 2009. Shallow Phylogeny of Shallow Barnacles. PLoSONE 4: 5567

Hayashi R., Chan B. K. K., Simon-Blecher N., Watanabe H., Guy-Haim T., Yonezawa T., Levy Y., Shuto T., Achituv Y. 2013. Phylogenetic Position and Evolutionary History of the Turtle and Whale Barnacles (Cirripedia: Balanomorpha: Coronuloidea). Mol. Phylo. Evo. 67:9-14



Supplementary material to SYNTHESYS application FR-TAF-4304