About the BioMedIn Program

The BioMedIn program at Bar-Ilan University is the only one of its kind in Israel.


During their studies in this unique program, physicians, researchers and scientists will acquire knowledge in all of the above-mentioned fields, with the objective of improving their  computational research capabilities and applying them towards clinical applications. This will provide them with the basis for understanding and developing innovative medical research projects.


The Program's curriculum will position its graduates at a similar knowledge and professional level as their counterparts in countries developing cutting edge research in the field of Bio-Medical Informatics.


Students of the BioMedIn Program will be able to continue their studies towards an MSc or a PhD, under the supervision of the Faculty of the Computational Biology Study Track at the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.


The study program:

Course no. Course Semester Lecture W.H.* Exercise W.H.* Total W.H.* Responsible lecturer
80-660 Bioinformatics with a clinical orientation A 2 1 3 Prof. Ron UngerDr. Eran Eyal

Biostatistics and clinical trials for physicians

A 2 1 3 Dr. Rachel Levy-Drummer
80-662 Advanced molecular methods in clinical application A 2   2 Dr. Erez LevanonDr. Eran EyalDr. Ninette Amariglio
80-661 Biomathematical models for physicians B 2 1 3 Prof. Yoram Lozon
Prof. Ramit Mehr
80-664 Medical system biology B 2 1 3 Dr. Yanai OfranDr. Sol Efroni
80-665 Mining medical information B 2 1 3 Dr. Ronen Tal-Botzer

* W.H. = number of weekly academic hours per semester.


To the syllabi of the courses for the 2010-2011 school year


The total number of study hours in the program:

            255 academic hours of lectures

           145 academic hours of exercises and project preparation

Total:  400 academic hours


Duration of studies: two semesters (to complete the Program)


Number of study hours: 1st  semester – 8 academic hours per week 

                                            2nd semester – 9 academic hours per week


Studies will be held on Mondays.