About the Program

1. The centers sponsoring the program 

The BioMedIn Program is a shared initiative of the Computational Biology Study Track at the Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan University, and of the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. 

The Computational Biology Study Track at Bar-Ilan University was established a decade ago as the first academic program of its field in Israel (the study track was approved by the Israel Council for Higher Education in 2004). The Computational Biology Study Track offers Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees.
Faculty members of this Program include prominent and internationally acclaimed scientists and academicians. They carry out advanced research projects in collaboration with physicians from hospitals in
Israel and abroad.  Their research results are to be used for scientific, clinical and medical applications.


The Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer is one of Israel's leading hospitals, both clinically and in research.  In the Medical Center , highly advanced research institutes carry out cutting edge clinical studies in molecular biology and bioinformatics.


 2. The target population

The BioMedIn Program is intended for physicians, researchers and scientists with a PhD in Life Sciences or in other paramedical fields from all hospitals and clinics in Israel, who are interested in developing advanced and innovative research applications and wish to understand the computational methods involved in BioMedical Informatics.


Individuals with an MSc in Life Sciences or in paramedical professions, who have acquired extensive experience and seniority in the relevant research fields, will also be considered for this Program.


 3. The study framework 

The studies are within the framework of Diploma Studies. The Program's schedule is spread over one academic year (two semesters), and requires one full day of studies a week.  

Upon completing the Program, graduates will receive a Diploma for their participation, on condition that they met all the requirements.

One of the Program's objectives is to motivate the students to take part in research projects in BioMedical Informatics. Consequently, participating physicians will be able to continue their studies towards an MSc or a PhD,  on condition that they attain an average grade higher than 80, and successfully complete a personal interview.  

The courses offered by the Program are academically recognized and will therefore be regarded as degree courses.

Those participants interested in taking part in related research projects during the course of their studies for a graduate degree (MSc or PhD), will be required to dedicate sufficient time to the research.  

For information about the course syllabi see this page: About the study program


4. Location 

Studies will take place at the Bar-Ilan campus and at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.


 5. Tuition

 For details on the tuition for Diploma Studies please contact Dr. Rachel Levy-Drummer, at: biomedin@mail.biu.ac.il or via phone 972-3-531-8095  

Students who will continue their studies towards an MSc or a PdD (see above, “The study framework”) will be exempt from paying tuition and will receive a refund of the tuition paid for their Diploma Studies, after completing and submitting their thesis (for their MSc) or after submitting a research proposal (for their PhD).



Physicians and researchers who are employed by Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer will be offered special concessions and will be offered special scholarships.

The BioMedIn Program is recognized by the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) and awards graduates with 300 credits.