Prof. Sivan Korenblit

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Associate Professor
The Suissa Life Sciences Building (212), 4th floor, Room 408

Human aging is accompanied by an overall decline in physiological function and an increase in the incidence of age-related diseases. My main research interest is to identify what, at the molecular level, delays aging and links aging to age-related disease. In particular, I am interested in the link between aging, age-related disease and ER stress response.The long-term goal of my future lab will be to learn how to control the rate of aging and the efficiency of the ER stress response as means to treat age-related diseases. To achieve this I will study how reducing insulin/IGF-1 signaling controls aging and ER stress response and, in turn, how do these affect age-related disease models. I propose to explore these questions utilizing the model organism C. elegans, by following these specific aims:

1) Explore and delineate important molecular mechanisms that underlie each of these processes (i.e. what genes/pathways control the rate of aging, what genes/pathways improve ER stress response).

2)  Study how aging pathways and ER stress pathways interact and impact each other.

3) Study how manipulation of aging pathways and ER stress pathways affect age-related disease models.


“Basic Cell Biology ” for 1st year undergraduate students

“Introduction to Biology Laboratory course” for 1st year undergraduate students, 

“Cellular stress responses” for 3rd year undergraduate and graduate students, 

Graduate and undergraduate seminar courses, 

Advanced lab project - Mentoring undergraduate students in a practical lab project


Last Updated Date : 11/11/2020