Research Fields

<?php /* This code was NOT generated by the views theming wizard as it took too much time to debug it. * Instead, we manually take taxonomy terms out of the DB and use them to output HTML accordignly (that will * point to the needed URL, which is itself a view + taxonomy combination * * IMPORTANT: as you can see, the code below ignores the given arguments and handles its * output on its own. It woulud have been much better taken out to a simple "page" instead of using a view * who's query we trash. Yet, the only reason why I keep this like that is since when using a view I get * better breadcrumb, with the current implementation of our breadcrumbs. Cest tout. * */ // get taxonomy terms for "fields of research" taxonomy vocabulary (vid=19) $vocab = taxonomy_get_tree(19); $output = '
    '; foreach ($vocab as $term) { $output .= "
  • $term->name

    "; $output .= "
    "; $output .= "tid> Researches in this field

    "; } $output .= "

    "; return $output; ?>