Master's degree - All academic tracks (excluding Biotechnology and Computational Biology)


Graduate students are required to complete 12 credits for a Master’s degree (not including courses in Judaic Studies).

These 12 credits include mandatory as well as elective courses as follows: 

Each year, the students must re-register, using code 80-762-01 for thesis grade and code 80-900-01 for the departmental seminar (no credits).

Students must choose two seminars from the list provided,

Students must register for the required courses listed, 1.5 credits (Students who have already taken course number 80517 as undergraduates are exempt from course 80934. Instead, they can take other elective courses to complete the required number of graduate courses needed-total of 12 credits),

The remaining courses should be selected from the elective courses listed to reach a total of 12 credits.

Other elective courses at the Interuniversity Institute of Eilat

Intensive lab dates