Prof. Haim Breitbart

Marilyn Finkler Cancer Research Center 208, 1st floor, Room 105

    Biochemistry of the Fertilization Process 

    The laboratory research focuses on understanding signal transduction processes involved in the fertilization mechanism in mammals. For this purpose, studies are conducted on bull, ram, mouse and human spermatozoa, as well as mouse eggs. Mouse spermatozoa and eggs are used for the study of the biochemistry of the fertilization process, dependent on the in vitro fertilization system (IVF). The various research studies use the most advanced technologies for biochemical characterization of the different systems. There are two important aspects to these studies:  1. Agricultural aspect – the acquiring of basic knowledge for the purpose of improvement of agricultural animals. 2. Human aspect  – the acquiring of basic knowledge for the purpose of finding solutions to infertility problems, as well as application of biochemical and molecular methods for clinical use.

    Last Updated Date : 10/08/2022