The Computing Unit

Head manager of the unit: Ms. Sagit Aaron


Telephone: 03-5317679

Location: Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Building 206, 5th floor, Room 570

Hours: Sun. thru Thurs. 8:00-16:00

The computerization unit is responsible for planning and developing the computerization systems of the Faculty, advancing and implementing new advanced technologies and improving the computer infrastructure for the Faculty's academic and administrative staff and the students.

The computerization services of the computerization section include:

  • Establishment and maintenance of the Faculty's servers: Web server, storage servers, print application servers, virtualization servers, deployment server.
  • Management of the computerization authorizations for the Faculty's users of the network resources.
  • Maintenance of the public computer classrooms.
  • Maintenance of the computers and peripheral equipments in dozens of research laboratories in the Faculty.
  • Consultation and acquisition of computerization equipment for research laboratories, academic and administrative staff.
  • Management of a helpdesk system for help in solving technical troubles and in case of need activating the relevant computerization personnel at the center for infrastructure and information (communications section, operation, technicians and outside suppliers).

The computerization unit emphasizes the solution for problems related to products that appear in the support services basket and will make every effort to comply with the requests of the users with professionalism, patience and maximal speed.

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