B.Sc.- M.Sc. Excellence Track

“Psagot” combined B.Sc.- M.Sc. Excellence Track

A unique research-focused track for outstanding students in the Life Sciences Faculty

 “Psagot” students conduct innovative research in one of the faculty’s research groups, with personal guidance by faculty members


  • Accelerated graduate program (completion of B.Sc. and M.Sc. in 4 years), including special courses and some course exemptions

  • Tuition funds for third and fourth year

  • Monthly stipend for the third and fourth year

  • Optional Teaching Assistance positions on the fourth year

  • Travel expenses on the fourth year to a scientific conference (for presenting the scientific research project)

  • Individual guidance

  • Ph.D. options (regular or combined tracks)


Program Structure

Psagot is a two-year program for outstanding students in their 3rd year of B.Sc. studies. Students are selected during the 2nd year of B.Sc. studies.

Third year- taking courses towards completion of the B.Sc. degree while conducting research towards the M.Sc. degree. At the end of the year, completion of the B.Sc. degree and submission of a research proposal.

Fourth year- Completion of the M.Sc. degree courses and advancement of the research project. Submission of the M.Sc. thesis at the end of the year. Possible continuation to Ph.D. studies.

Students in this track completing their M.Sc. degree will be exempt from one general course and the Judaism courses of the M.Sc. degree.


Life Sciences or Biotechnology students in the program

Will be exempted from 4 credit points (will need to earn 68 annual hours, instead of 72)

The grade of the M.Sc. research proposal will account for five annual hours (course “research project”; 80569).


Computational Biology students in the program

Will be exempted from 4 credit points (will need to earn 68 annual hours, instead of 72)

On the first year of the M.Sc., the students are required to take the Computational Biology course (80512) and another elective course of 2 annual hours, as part of their M.Sc. towards completion of their B.Sc. degree


For further information, please contact:

Prof. Tammy Juven-Gershon, the program’s academic manager: tamar.gershon@biu.ac.il  

Dr. Rotem Efrony, academic consultant of graduate students in the Life Sciences Faculty: rotem.efrony@biu.ac.il