Optometry and Vision Sciences

  1.  Visual perception: normal and abnormal; visual awareness
  2. Involuntary eye movements: a window into visual processing, and cognition of non-communicating individuals
  3. Autism: Hyper perception and regulation, Cognition of the minimally-verbal, Learning, Visual superiorities

Dr. Bonneh Yoram

  1.  Relationship between human visual cortex organization and visual functions (high and low order)
  2. High order visual functions (perception and action) in lab settings and in natural dynamic environment
  3. Face perception and object and shape perception
  4.  Visual motion perception including biological (human) motion perception
  5. Visual cortex organization in the human brain via neuroimaging (MRI, fMRI)
  6. Investigation of normal vision, impaired vision (congenital or acquired (e.g. from brain damage))
  7. Relations between different visual functions to reveal dependencies or independence between different functions

Dr. Gilaie-Dotan Sharon

  1.  Developing hybrid retinal prosthesis – tissue engineering of stem cells and electrodes
  2. Engineering stem cells for retinal neurons for sight restoration
  3.  Electrophysiology of vision
  4.  Nanoparticles for diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases
  5.  Development of smart electrodes array for neuronal stimulation

Dr. Mandel Yossi

  1. Visual perception; neural interactions
  2. Clinical: Amblyopia, Glaucoma, Major depression, ADHD, Vision in diabetes
  3. Pharmacological effects on vision, Development
  4. Visual functions: Contrast sensitivity, Lateral interactions, Visual crowding, Contour integration, Visual grouping,
  5. Learning: Learning to see faster, processing speed, Improvement of normal and
  6. Impaired vision, Adaptation vs. learning' Visual rehabilitation
  7. Refraction and plasticity
  8. Visual Performance: Night vision, Driving, Color blindness, Aging, Binocular vision, Visual masking, Peripheral vision, tracking eye movements, Video game playing, Decision making, Visual stress, Fatigue

Prof. Polat Uri