Heads of the study program: Prof. Elisha Haas and Prof. Benjamin Ehrenberg
Secretary: Ms. Rina Gian

Why biophysics?

The phenomenon of life takes place in the material world. The splendor of life phenomena cannot be understood without relying on knowledge and research methods that deal in matter. There is no material that is unique to organisms, there is no "living matter". The phenomenon of life takes place due to processes that occur in matter that is itself inanimate. In-depth understanding of the phenomenon of life and all the properties of various animals is possible only based on a unification of the knowledge that exists in disciplines that research the natural material world. Therefore, studies of Life Sciences must also be based on knowledge and research approaches developed in disciplines of the exact sciences. The science of biophysics is a unification of the knowledge and research methods of physicians, chemists, mathematicians and researchers in the life sciences. Based on the knowledge acquired in biophysics studies, the graduate can turn to research and technological work in a wide range of fields, such as: biotechnology, biophysics, brain sciences, life sciences, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental sciences, biomedical engineering, medical physics, biological chemistry, genetic engineering, drug development, etc. Graduates of this study program work successfully in all of these fields, since they have the ability to connect between many fields, an ability that is not acquired in the customary one-field study programs.

The biophysics study program

The undergraduate study program includes basic studies in various areas (physics, chemistry, mathematics, life sciences). In the first two years these courses are studied in the disciplinary departments, i.e. at the highest level in each field. In the third year the student meet the staff of the biophysics study program in designated courses dealing in the fields of molecular and systemic biophysics which are based on the knowledge acquired in the disciplinary departments and implement the interdisciplinary unification of the acquired knowledge. The demand level in the courses is high, significant investment of effort is required, but the student receives unique training. The graduate program enables continued specialization in all branches of biophysics.

The study program is common to three departments and the students are awarded personal attention by all three heads of the program: Prof. Ehrenberg, Prof. Elisha Haas and Dr. Chill Jordan.

Requirements for Acceptance to the Biophysics Program

The minimum requirements are:

Average Matriculation Certificate Grade of 95

Psychometric exam grade of 630

Five units of Mathematics with grade of 80

Five units of Physics with a grade of 80 (anyone not meeting this requirement will be required to take a summer preparatory course


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