Single-cell Immunologist

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Position Description

Single-cell Immunologist

Immunai provides a data solution and data analytics platform. Our product uses multi-omic datasets to deeply and holistically explore an individual patient’s immune system. Cutting-edge sequencing technologies and our ML platform will provide high resolution data analysis, creating value to pharma and researchers by guiding critical decision making in drug discovery and clinical trial design.


Job Description- Single-cell Immunologist

We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join our team of talented researchers in a highly collaborative startup environment at the intersection of Immunology, AI and new genomic technologies. This position offers an opportunity to work with state-of-the art genomic technologies on a diverse set of projects related to human cancer immunology and autoimmunity. In support of multiple projects, the successful candidate will help interpreting numerous datasets of high-throughput immune cell profiling. Specifically, they will help identify specific pathways, genes or cell types that are of particular interest for different projects. They will also constantly interact with bioinformaticians, lab scientists and external clients regarding multiple projects, and will receive and give feedback.

Key Responsibilities


Analyze multi-omic single-cell data (RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, Flow cytometry)

Annotate and compile cell types and genes of interest

Review literature and identify markers and pathways of interest

Communicate with external clients regarding study designs

Consult with senior scientists


MS degree in Immunology or a related field required, PhD preferred

Must possess at least 2 – 3 years of experience in a research laboratory, preferably on an independent project

Must possess a familiarity with high-throughput transcriptomic data analysis and interpretation

Familiarity with single-cell multi-omic data analysis preferred

Experience in a research laboratory and familiarity with research techniques in immunology preferred

Strong analytical skills, problem solving ability, and innovation aptitude required

Must be willing to discover and learn new software and technology applications quickly

Must have strong attention to detail and an ability to multi-task

Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to effectively work as part of a team required

Excellent organization and time management skills

Ability to work independently with minimal supervision


Position opening is in either Immunai’s New York City (Soho) or Tel Aviv offices.

If interested, please contact: Evgeny Kiner, Single Cell Immunology Lead:

תאריך עדכון אחרון : 22/03/2020