The Statistics Unit

 Head manager of the unit: Jennifer Israel-Cohen

Telephone: 03-6356353

Location: Building 212 - Suissa Life Sciences Building, second floor, room 210

Hours: Sunday 12:00-15:00; Tuesday 8:00-11:00; Thursday 8:00-12:00

Many of the researches carried out within the various research fields in the Life Sciences need to apply quantitative analysis and statistical tools. Furthermore, in many cases the appropriate analysis and statistics lead to a significant improvement in the presentation of the results and in emphasizing the significant points in a given quantitative research.

For this purpose we have placed the statistical consultation unit at your service.

Within the framework of the statistical consultation unit of the Faculty of Life Sciences, instruction, advice and support in the statistical and quantitative aspects of all of the following subjects can be obtained:

  • Planning the experimental design and the sampling.
  • Way of presenting the results and preparation for statistical analyses.
  • Activating statistical tests.
  • Understanding the results obtained in the statistical tests and their significance.
  • Reaching the correct conclusions from a set of data.
  • Correct generalization of the results and how to present them.

The consultation is given without cost to all the researchers within the framework of the Faculty of Life Sciences, including researchers, doctoral and masters' students.

In order to receive statistical support at the statistical consultation unit of the Faculty of Life Sciences, please make an appointment: