Program Curriculum

Period A

Course 80672 - Advanced Genomic Analysis Methods

This course will begin by a refresher on molecular biology and also review the most advanced experimental approaches to genomic analysis, such as Deep Sequencing, DNA chips, Gene regulation via non-coding RNA (ncRNA) and more.

Given by: Prof. Ninette Amariglio (The Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer) and Prof. Erez Levanon (Bar-Ilan University).

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Course 80670 - Bioinformatics with a Clinical Orientation

Bioinformatics is the science of genomics research using computational algorithms. In this course, informatics methods, software tools and current databases in the field of Bioinformatics will be presented. In addition, a special emphasis will be put on clinical applications of this science.

Given by: Prof. Ron Unger (Bar-Ilan University) and Dr. Eran Eyal (The Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer).

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Course 80673 - Biostatistics and Clinical Trials

This is an advanced statistics course that is given from a practical approach, while analyzing clinical studies. A special emphasis will be put on the appropriate innovative analysis methods in biology and medicine, which produce a large amount of data and information.

Given by: Dr. Rachel Levy-Drummer (Bar-Ilan University, Statistics Department)

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Period B

Course 80675 - Medical Data Mining

The amount of data and medical information accumulated in the past five years is greater than that accumulated in the past a thousand years. Three revolutions are responsible for this fact:  the Bioinformatics revolution, the computing revolution of electronic medical records (EMRs), and the mobile/ web/ wearable/ Digital Health revolution. The course presents methods from machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate new medical insights from this information.

Given by: Dr. Ronen Tal-Botzer (Sense Education, Inc. – an Artificial Intelligence company)

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Course 80674 -  Medical Systems Biology

In recent years there is a transition both in Biology and in Medicine from the analysis of individual genes to the study of systems and complex biological pathways. The course provides the necessary computational tools for such large scale analyses, using the most advanced software in the market.

Given by: Prof. Sol Efroni (Bar-Ilan University) and Prof. Yanay Ofran (Bar- Ilan University)

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Course 80676 - Personal Genomics

We are quickly approaching the reality that the personal genome of a patient will be a decisive factor in the choice of treating him/her. The course will describe what can be learned today from the personal genomic information, ranging from prenatal counseling, through customizing medicines to individual treatments for cancer and other complex diseases. The course will also address the ethical and legal questions and privacy considerations arising from genomic information.

Given by: Prof. Ron Unger (Bar-Ilan University), Prof. Gidi Rechavi (Sheba Medical Center) and Prof. Yanay Ofran (Bar-Ilan University)

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