Prof. Neumann Avidan

Associate Professor
Office Hours: 
Monday 12:00-14:00; Tuesday 14:00-16:00



Bio-mathematical modeling and bio-informatics analysis and simulation in the fields of virology, immunology and clinical kinetics in general.

In particular:

Viral dynamics and evolution (in particular of HIV, HCV, HBV but also CMV, Ebola, malaria and other infectives) and how is it affected by anti-viral therapy and by the immune response.

Optimization of therapy for Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and AIDS.

Models of immune response, immune repertoire and immune memory.

Models of the pathogenesis of auto-immunity and of its treatment (in particular Lupus).

Models of neural degeneration.

Models of the interaction between the immune system and the neural system.

Host genetic diversity and its effects on infectious disease.

Kinetics of clinical markers.

Development of a bio-informatics computational platform for the automatization and optimization of clinical kinetics analysis and modeling.

Bio-informatics software tools for modeling and analysis of bio-kinetic data.