The Scientific Equipment Center

Director of the Scientific Equipment Center:  Dr. Itay Lazar


 Tel: 03-5318202

Location: Building 212 – the Suissa Life Sciences Building, ground floor, Room 005

Hours: 9:00-17:00

The Scientific Equipment Center was established in 1995.

The main aim of The Scientific Equipment Center is to provide state-of-the-art Instruments and to serve researchers from diverse fields, such as biology, biotechnology, bioengineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, food engineering, material engineering, physics, and more. The unit serves researchers from Bar-Ilan University, as well as other academic institutes and industry.

The Scientific Equipment Center currently includes several independent units.

Please contact us for any other information, questions, requests and ordering:


Mina Marmorstein, Technical Coordinator


Microarray Unit

Dr. Orly Yaron, Head of the Unit


The Light Microscopy Unit

Dr. Avi Jacob, Director of the Unit

Sergei Grigoryan 


The Chromatography Unit

Dr. Alexander Varvak


The Gel Documentation Unit

Dr. Itay Lazar


The Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter Unit

Uriel Karo


The In Vivo Imaging Unit

Dr. Alexander Varvak


The Imaging and Histology Unit

Dr. Ronen Yehuda


The Molecular Unit

Dr. Sarit Lampert-Karako